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Bodypro50 Ice Flow Gel 50 ml
Bodypro50 Arnica Gel 50 ml
Bodypro50 Harpago Gel 50 ml

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Harpago Gel

- Harpago Gel is a powerful gel containing essential oil and extract of Devil's claw known for their anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties. 

- Harpago Gel is very efficient for people suffering with joint discomfort. This massage gel soothes joints, relaxes and warms aching muscles.

- It is as well indicated for all inflammatory conditions, including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, joint and ligament injury, low back pain, tendonitis and sprains.

- Harpago Gel is also taken by athletes to treat tendonitis and for recovery phases before and after training. Harpago Gel gel Warms, relieves and relaxes.

- Airless 50 ml

Arnica Gel

- Arnica Gel is used to help with stiffness, swelling and bruising, sprains, muscle aches, joint pain, inflammation from insect bites, and swelling from broken bones.

- The gel helps in moving the blood both, rapidly towards and away from the concerned area so that toxins, excess blood and tissue buildup get carried away.

- This speeds up the healing process and slow down the bruising and swelling that occur due to soft tissue injuries.

- Arnica Gel is extremely effective in the treatment of various bruises and sprains, as well as in the treatment of muscle pain.
Airless 50 ml

Ice Flow Gel

- Ice Flow Gel contains a high concentration of pure natural essential oils and plant extracts to help with sore muscles and tired legs.

- A massage with Ice flow gel helps to speed up muscle recovery after a hard work out of those muscles.

- It reduces inflammation in hard worked muscles.

- The pure essential oils penetrate into the bloodstream and have an instant therapeutic effect on the body.

- It has a powerful draining action for heavy and tired legs.

- It gives immediate relief in case of fatigue, poor circulation and swelling and improve micro-circulation relieving feelings of heaviness in the legs.

-Airless 50 ml

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