• “Provence Cosmetics” is a fresh, innovative and relatively young cosmetics company from the Provence Region in South France. Provence Cosmetics is taking the beauty world by storm with its innovative and unique products and treatments – 5D From Paris Anti-aging Facial, Bioslimming and Bodypro50.
  • The integrity of the products is paramount and “Provence Cosmetics” and is proud of the high quality and level of active ingredients used within its products making them some of the strongest Professional products available. “Provence Cosmetics” is exclusive to professional therapists salons and spas. The company wants to provide specialists/therapists with the best products possible combining the best from science and nature and believes that this has been achieved in the Provence Cosmetics range. Provence places a high level of importance in its relationships with beauty professionals and their clients and strive to guarantee 100% product satisfaction. Thanks to these principals – “Provence Cosmetics” develops products which they feel are completely unique and without comparison on the market. Our Laboratory lines are:


  • Bioslimming is the New Revolutionary Body Wrap/Slimming Program produced by Provence Cosmetics France.
  • It is a two stage procedure which requires the application of Gels/Cream which are packed full of Active Ingredients and produce phenomenal results that will amaze you.
  • Bioslimming is available as both a salon treatment and homecare treatment. Unlike traditional wraps you do not require to be wrapped in bandages and it is really more of a massage treatment, which makes it a very pleasant treatment to have. Bioslimming uses high concentrations of active ingredients - essential oils, algae, caffeine, thermo agents both hot & cold which is revolutionary.
  • Benefits of treatment include - average loss of 1-4cm per measured area, reduction in appearance of cellulite and fat deposits, detoxes, slims, firms & tones, skin feels softer, reduction in appearance of varicose, thread & spider veins, reduction in fluid retention particularly lower legs, enhances weight loss, burns calories for two hours, the slimming & fat burning process continues to work for 12 hours following application. The results are instant and long lasting.
  • Using Bioslimming allows women to target their problem areas with precision. Bioslimming addresses the problem at its core and this is one of the reasons why women who use Bioslimming are so successful in quickly reducing the appearance of their cellulite. Bioslimming will help you to target the
  • most important parts of the body (like the buttocks, the saddlebags etc…
  • These treatments give fabulous results, assisting your clients to achieve their skin and body goals, resulting in an increased profit for you and happy clients who will spread the word about your fantastic business.


  • Within the Provence Cosmetics lines you will discover an innovation in anti-aging called the 5D from Paris:
  • Following an hour of the 5D anti-aging facial you will notice in less than 24 hours how your skin is noticeable younger, brighter and more radiant. The treatment will repair damages caused by the sun and will nurish and deeply re-hydrate the epidermis.
  • It also will:
  • - Decrease Fine Lines and wrinkles
  • - Reduce pigmentations
  • - Generate a youthful, glowing appearance.
  • - Light the complexion
  • - Eliminate all dead cells


  • Bodypro50 is Provence Cosmetics new natural body therapy dedicated to the health and wellness within the sport, fitness and health industries. Those advanced and unique products fuse science and nature to revive the vitality of your body. Natural essential oils and plant extracts are used in our formulas to enhance our well-being and health. Bodypro50 is great for body therapy, pain relief, exercise/training, stress release and enhances well-being.